Welcome to my Blog “Inside The Writing Room“. The Writing Room is not just a title. It’s an actual space. It’s the place where I combine ideas with the objective of producing something creative. I create music. But most importantly I love creating experiences.



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  1. yoooooooo mr.PL@Y to the mike256,haha kul,we’ll go with it.am yet to listen to the audio,restart bt am goin to definitely. imma tell u that really u doin a gud job pushin yo self,like David said up above abt identity,yes man its that important.lastly i hv to tell i that i liked yo studio session with the songstress herself Mo roots,the link u sent mi.cool stuff.lets keep on.am i writing alot?

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    1. Thanks Blackline. No you are not writing a lot all. The more feedback the better. Thank you for the very encouraging words. I really also appreciate you looking through my work and I hope you will continue to follow what I create. #StayBlessed


  2. Rap is not useless nor truthless. Like Killa Mike said, “Rap music is my religion. Amen.” Keep putting in work and producing, M256. If the rest of what you’re gonna do comes out as fresh as this one, I’ll keep listening.

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  3. Just heard it!Lovely work and very promising. I like the vibe but also the vocals are truly amazing. I am from Athens, Greece. I am still putting together my work since I am new to wordpress too!There will be more stuff of mine coming up. I will keep you posted. Keep up the good work ‘cos your work is really sublime!

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    1. Thank you Sofia. That is very kind of you to say that. I look forward to reading your work. Let’s stay in touch. You never know when an opportunity to collaborate may come around. My email address is callmemike256@gmail.com. Feel free to get in touch. Besides, I suppose that’s what networking is all about. 🙂 #StayBlessed


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