She Is My “Mother”…

Above is a demo of a song that I had earlier recorded and produced for a project titled “Mother, Daughter, Wife“. Unfortunately you may never hear the final version since a few months ago my HDD died and I haven’t yet been able to recover any of my work (including that entire project). Please take a listen, I’d love to know what you think.

Every year we have this one day that we celebrate to show appreciation to the woman in our lives that carried us for 9 months and gave life to us. MOTHER’S DAY.

In the past I’ve struggled with finding a relevance of this day to myself, since my Mother died when I was six years old and I have hardly had a Mother figure in my life since then. Or at least that’s what I would always tell myself… until I stopped defining “Mother’s Day” so literally.

This year, in particular has been different. In just 5 months, I feel like I have had more setbacks in life than I probably have had in the last three years combined and considering that I am a relatively young man, I haven’t seen too many of these periods to say it was normal for me. When I say setbacks, I’m referring to life in general (most notably, my business, my music and my health).

Anyway,  I took advantage of this period to reflect, as well as consider who in my life am I thankful to have (or have had).

At first, I tried to think of the men in my life I look up to, but unfortunately that list never ever got started. Of course I have male role models, but most of these are people I have never met or that I don’t have immediate access to.

So as I scribbled down…

Well, really I use Evernote – brilliant app I must add – instead of paper now, but I figured the imagery in that statement would serve for better descriptive writing.

So… as I scribbled down on my list, I started to notice that I had written down quite the log of female names, you’d actually think I was brainstorming baby (girl) names if you just so happened to see this list (out of context). In that moment, I thought more deeply about why some of these women were so dear to me. Not all of them are even my relatives, so I really wanted to think about what it was that made me so happy to know or have these women in my life.

I could easily categorize all of the women on my list by either one or by both of the following dictionary definitions of the word “Mother”:

  1. a women exercising control, influence or authority like that of a mother
  2. a person or thing that is very large, powerful or impressive
As soon as  I stopped thinking of a Mother so literally, I started to appreciate these women for the roles they play in my life, even if it’s from a distance. We all have a person we can look up to as “Mother” figure, even if we don’t always realize it. It may be a friend, a relative or even a stranger in passing. Live to make your “Mother” proud and show her it was worth it.

I’ll finish by saying this, NO child should have to grow up without role models or confidants in there lives. Although for a longtime I always felt begrudged for my lack of “family” or sense of belonging, I’ve started to appreciate my situation and make the most of the people I do have.

I pray that one day I will see my own Mother again (rest her soul).

Happy Mothers Day, to all the women that play a key role in upbringing a child, or in the well being of a person junior to them.

And of course… Happy Mothers Day to all women who have bore a child to this world.

Stay blessed.