Thinking in the Dark: self-inflicted

Today marks the beginning of the revival of this blog and to kick things off in 2018, I'd like to introduce a series called "Thinking in the Dark". Here I will share poems and spoken word pieces in both audio [see embedded SoundCloud link] and text, that will consist of my own thoughts and mental... Continue Reading →


Just Another Flex: Robert Mugabe

So a few months ago I tried this idea out, although it didn't quite last longer than a couple of months, I new it was something I wanted to do. "Mike's Friday Flex" (as I called it) was supposed to be a weekly series of raps and freestyles over familiar beats and instrumentals that I... Continue Reading →

She is “Mother”…

Above is a demo of a song that I had earlier recorded and produced for a project titled "Mother, Daughter, Wife". Unfortunately you may never hear the final version since a few months ago my HDD died and I haven't yet been able to recover any of my work (including that entire project). Please take a listen,... Continue Reading →

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